beFOGG is a platform sending explorers flying!

With our information system based on Bluetooth technology and Beacon BLE transmitters, we will make any tourist path much more appealing, create memorable field game or take a tour around the museum corridors.

For whom?

For owners and managers of facilities wishing to deliver unforgettable experiences to their guests.

For teachers and educators looking for interesting, innovative resources to pass on knowledge to their pupils.

For all of those who would like to increase the attractiveness of their offer and to awake souls of explorers in its audience.


BeFOGG platform is ideal for variety of conditions.

Educational trails

Wherever knowledge is of the highest importance beFOGG app will transfer it, verify it and encourage to explore it. Even the most reluctant visitors won’t be able to hold themselves.

Nature trails

Forests, parks, gardens, hiking trails, nature reserves and much more. The system will not only make every trip much more attractive but also, for example, it will allow for information boards number limitation!

Historical facilities

We will guide tourist around every historical interior or route. The system allows adding different storylines that could transfer them in time into an unforgettable adventure.

Urban areas

Game? Trail of impressive monuments, figurines, murals? Avenue of stars? Maybe shopping or pubbing trip? With beFOGG, the city can not remain undiscovered. How many ideas so many possibilities!

We can design each track in a different way:


Point your visitors to the best route, guide them point by point so that they reach all excellent places in the best possible order.


Treat your guests with an increased dose of emotions, stir up their curiosity by revealing following points on the way progressively.


Arrange points on the map, add descriptions to them, and let each person choose their route at their discretion, using information from the app on the path.

Field game

With beFOGG we can design exciting, engaging, story-based games of varying difficulty, in any area!

Ready to create your very own trail with beFOGG?

Yes, I'd love that!

beFOGG trails

Currently available pathways. Enjoy it!

Create a trail

You can do so with few simple steps

Contact us

We will meet, have a chat, get to know your needs and your facilities/services and together we will figure out how to personalize our system to meet your goals.

Time for us to step up!

We analyze, design and prepare an implementation of your path proposal. Don’t like it yet? We go again. Is it lovable now? Some formalities and we go on.

Let’s implement!

We install Beacons BLE (mobile Bluetooth transmitters) at the navigation points of your path, enter the path to the base of our system, test and start the ride.

Now your turn!

Share with your visitors an app that will enrich their experience from the trip, guide them through the most interesting points of the facility, provide with the most interesting information, grant fun with knowledge and boost their competitive spirits.

Wish to have your own beFOGG trail?

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